Device Replacement Service

Where necessary, our device replacement service will help minimise downtime. It is required that you first request the advice of one of our Service Engineers by contacting the SMA Service Line via telephone or e-mail. They will then be able to help you to fully establish the fault, check whether the device is still covered by the SMA Limited Factory Warranty (or a previously procured Warranty Extension) and depending on the fault decide whether it is a warranty case or not.

SMA Service Procedure

Download the SMA Replacement Device Procedure here.

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Warranty Case

If the faulty inverter is deemed to be a warranty case you will receive a comparable state-of-the-art replacement device, including all the required updates and modifications. By means of capturing the serial numbers the remaining warranty period of the initial device is then transferred to the replacement device.

The device replacement service is available for all Sunny Island, Sunny Boy, Sunny Mini Central and Sunny Tripower/Sunny Highpower inverters. Please ensure that the replacement is performed by a qualified electrician.

In most cases the exchange unit will have a transport cover that needs to be swapped across, along with all communication and earthing components from the original device.

After you have received the replacement device, you are required to return the faulty device to SMA using the packaging provided with the exchange unit. Otherwise SMA reserves the right to issue an invoice.

If the device is installed in a SMA Primary Support Country (in Middle East & Africa these are currently Jordan, South Africa and UAE) the SMA Limited Factory Warranty will also cover transportation costs, export certifications, inspections, and customs duties for replacement and returned devices. If the device is installed in a Non-Primary Support Country the costs for removal and replacement of the device, as well as the transportation costs for sending the replacement device and returning the defective device (including, but not limited to, export certifications, inspections, and customs duties) are to be borne entirely by the warranty claimant.

Non-Warranty Case

If the faulty device is deemed a non-warranty case, either due to expired factory warranty or external influences like ground faults, you may elect to procure a new device from SMA or one of its distribution partners. We will gladly assist you in establishing compatibility of newer inverter models to your existing installation.