SMA MEA Distributors Portal

Welcome to the SMA MEA Distributors Portal specifically designed to give you the competitive edge to differentiate yourself in the very competitive solar world as an SMA Authorised Distributor. You will find all access to deeper levels of training material and dedicated sales and marketing support, special bundles and included warranty upgrades to enable you to provide a better marketing service.

SMA Authorised Distribution Partners are our partners who purchase full range of products and services (residential, commercial and off-grid segments) directly from SMA, with a national footprint in South Africa and the Middle East. At SMA we value our distribution partners and we always want to ensure that we provide you with the best support to drive your sales, provide technical and sales training on a regular basis and to help you provide exceptional customer services. This portal will provide you with tools to help you achieve your sales goals.

  • Differentiate your brand from your competitors and increase sales through exclusive offers, extended warranties and loyalty programs.

  • Get Direct access to SMA marketing support, marketing collateral, online resources, joint events and much more.

  • Get In-depth training on a regular basis to acquire technical support, sales training and up-to-date product information.