SMA Commercial Energy Solution​

Refuel with solar power

Refuel with solar power

Saving costs with integration of e-vehicle fleet

SMA Commercial Energy Solution​ will soon enable the integration of charging systems (for example, Mennekes, SMA EV-Charger) into your company electric vehicles. This makes it easy for you to charge your electric vehicles with solar power from your PV systems and lower your mobility costs. With SMA Commercial Energy Solution​, you are perfectly positioned to meet upcoming requirements.

Enjoy CO2-free mobility

Reduce your mobility costs by electrifying your vehicle fleet and charging your vehicles with self-generated solar power. Whether company cars, commercial vehicles or floor-bound transportation vehicles for intralogistics — with our modularly expandable system, you are perfectly prepared for the future. You can already start planning with SMA. Do not miss out on the opportunity in the near future to generate additional yields by selling your self-produced solar power to customers and guests.


Cut mobility costs

Make costs transparent through monitoring and achieve optimization potential

Climate- and resource-friendly mobility — with no fossil fuels


The basis: your SMA Commercial Energy Solution​
with a PV system, SMA Sunny Tripower CORE1 with SMA ShadeFix, SMA Sunny Tripower Storage 60, SMA Storage Business, SMA Data Manager M

SMA Data Manager M

energy manager that operates in conjunction with SMA Monitoring and is responsible for communication and overall system monitoring

SMA Monitoring

enables easy and efficient online monitoring of your SMA Energy Solution​

SMA Energy Meter

monitors all energy flows

Compatible charging system

uses self-generated solar power for charging your electric vehicles

Service and product availability may vary from country to country.

Application example

SMA Commercial Energy Solution​ prioritizes self-generated solar power to charge your electric vehicles.

  • 06:30

    It is early morning and your employees’ commercial and service vehicles are fully charged and ready to go.

  • 10:00

    While your employees are out and about, the PV system charges the battery-storage systems with solar power.

  • 13:30

    During the day, your employees and also your customers can charge their electric vehicles if they need to. The power comes directly from the roof or the battery-storage systems.

  • 17:00

    Late in the afternoon, your employees gradually return and the vehicles have to be charged. Since the sun is still shining, this can initially be done using solar power directly from the roof.

  • 20:30

    If the battery-storage systems are empty, the electric vehicles are charged with power from the utility grid.

SMA Data Manager M

The brain of SMA Commercial Energy Solution​


SMA Data Manager M ensures optimum communication, monitoring and control of all energy flows in your SMA Commercial Energy Solution​. This enables monitoring and energy management across all energy sectors such as heating, electricity, climate and e-mobility.

SMA Data Manager M


  • SMA Data Manager M monitors and analyzes the entire system. Via SMA Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, it receives information about the weather and time-related power supply tariffs. On this basis, it creates a yield forecast.

  • On the basis of the yield forecast and analysis of your consumption, SMA Data Manager M controls the system so that free solar power – either directly from the roof or from the battery-storage systems – is prioritized for charging your electric vehicles. If the forecast shows that additional charging power is required from the grid, the charging of controllable loads such as service and commercial vehicles that are not currently required is, wherever possible, shifted to periods when your power supplier’s tariffs are affordable.

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