MV POWER STATION 630SC-JP / 800SC-JP / 1000SC-JP / 1250SC-JP / 1600SC-JP / 2000SC-JP

MV POWER STATION 500SC-JP - 1600SC-JP Jetzt anfragen

With the power of one or two robust Sunny Central CP-JP inverter in the power class of your choice and with high efficiency transformers according to eco-design-standard, the SMA MV Power Station is a turnkey system solution that is very flexible. Equipped with the Sunny Central CP‑JP inverters, the MV Power Station is the optimal system solution for PV power plants compatible with Q at Night. Transportion costs go down thanks to the standardized container design principle. Plug and play applies to installation and commissioning. Using type-tested components with high efficiencies maximizes profit.


  • Power classes from 700 kVA to 2200 kVA
  • For all grids from 22 kV to 33 kV
  • Various options


  • All components are type-tested
  • 5-year statutory warranty
  • Optimally suited to extreme ambient conditions

Easy to use

  • Plug and play concept
  • Ideally suited to be exported to overseas markets
  • Transportation in standard shipping container
  • Preinstalled and mechanically protected cabling


  • Easy planning and installation
  • Increased system availability and longer service life
  • Lower transportation costs due to standardized dimensions