MVPS 4400SC / 5000SC-EV / 5500SC-EV

MV POWER STATION 4400SC / 5000SC-EV / 5500SC-EV Jetzt anfragen

Maximum Power – Minimum Costs

SMA's new Medium Voltage Power Station builds on the power of the new robust Sunny Central 2200, Sunny Central 2500-EV and Sunny Central 2750-EV inverters. Combined with perfectly adapted medium-voltage components, the MVPS 4400SC / 5000SC-EV / 5500SC-EV offers even more power density in a 40-foot container and is a turnkey solution available worldwide. Being the ideal choice for the new generation of PV power plants with 1500 V DC voltage, the integrated system solution is easy to transport and quick to assemble and commission.


  • For all grid voltages in large-scale power plants
  • Platform solution for flexible power plant design
  • Capable of tackling challenging ambient conditions

Turnkey solution

  • Compact 12.2 m (40-foot) shipping container
  • Prefabricated and tested components
  • Fully type-tested for all IEC standards
  • Five-year warranty on all components


  • Reduced watt-specific price
  • Lower transport costs
  • Minimized installation costs

  • Low Voltage Switchroom

  • Sunny Central 2200 / 2500-EV / 2750-EV

  • Transformer

  • Sunny Central 2200 / 2500-EV / 2750-EV

  • Medium Voltage Switchroom

Higher Availabilities, more energy yields

The new Sunny Central 2200 / 2500-EV / 2750-EV inverters are the most powerful members of the Sunny Central family from SMA. They are perfectly suited to use in PV power plants with direct voltages of up to 1,500 V. They feature an impressive design optimized for maximum power and availability. Oversizing of the PV field of up to 150% guarantees additional yields without negative effects on the inverter service life.

Follow this link for the white paper entitled “True 1,500 V Technology for the New Generation of PV Power Plants“

1500 V technology from SMA

Safeguard your investment: the O&M service from SMA

Global service for long-term projects and profitability.

  • Commissioning
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Extended warranty
  • O&M for the entire system

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