The Best of Two Worlds

This new SMA system solution combines the advantages of decentralized PV system layouts with the beneficial features of the central inverter concept. With the SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 as the inverter component, this system approach ensures high performance and maximum design flexibility for the entire PV system.


The new system philosophy

Four components comprise the new SMA system solution:

  • A highly efficient SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 inverter
  • Combiner Boxes flexible in use
  • The central SMA Inverter Manager
  • The LCS commissioning tool

The SMA Inverter Manager plays a central role within the system: As the central communications component and sole interface for the entire system control, it handles all the important inverter and system management functions for up to 42 inverters in one system (up to 2.5 MW). External combiner boxes establish the connection between PV array and inverter.

Die neue Systemphilosophie


High Flexibility, low Costs

Whether in commercial or industrial applications, this unique system approach, with the SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 as the central inverter component, is the optimal system solution including numerous advantages for the user.

The result: high efficiency and maximum planning flexibility. Installers in particular will benefit from the easy installation, simple commissioning and low maintenance costs. With a power output of 60 kVA and its compact design, the SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 is comparatively lightweight at only 75 kg. This makes installation easier and cuts costs as a result.

The SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 system is the ideal solution for use in a range of applications, from large-scale commercial systems to ground-based PV systems in the industrial sector. It has an output of 60 kVA, weighs only 75 kg, offers the highest power density in its class, and allows for easy installation and maintenance. Combined with the SMA Inverter Manager and external DC combiner boxes, it offers a great deal of flexibility for system layout.

The SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 is part of a complete SMA system solution that in addition to the SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 also includes the SMA Inverter Manager, the DC combiner box and the LCS commissioning tool. An SMA Inverter Manager is absolutely necessary to operate an MLX inverter.

The SMA Inverter Manager is the central communication component and the sole interface for controlling the entire system. The SMA Inverter Manager controls all of the important inverter and system management functions.

No. One SMA Inverter Manager can control up to 42 SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 inverters, yielding a total output of 2.5 MVA per Inverter Manager.

No. The PV strings are grouped together in the DC combiner box. This is not part of the SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 inverter and can therefore be set up in a separate area. The combiner box output is connected to the MLX DC input. Every SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 has one DC input and therefore exactly one allocated combiner box.

Yes, the SUNNY TRIPOWER 60 system supports the standard grid services and offers full reactive power capability (60 kVar).



With the Modbus protocol interface, SMA makes flexible integration of inverters possible. Through the use of this well-known industry standard, you can integrate SMA inverters into your systems without having to follow the SMA-specific inverter protocol.


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