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The best of two worlds
combined in one solution


SUNNY HIGHPOWER PEAK1 is an innovative system solution which combines the advantages of decentralized PV system layouts with the beneficial features of the central inverter concept. With the SUNNY HIGHPOWER PEAK1 as the inverter component, this system approach ensures high performance and maximum design flexibility for the entire PV system – either rooftop or ground-mounted.

  • Highest yield and ultimate flexibility
  • Fast commissioning and great efficiency
  • Central control via Inverter Manager
  • Maximum security
  • 100 % peace of mind with SMA

Stringtelligence System Technology Inside


Powerful Technology
Intelligent System Structure

Thanks to an intelligent system structure, all inverters are installed centrally in one place, while the DC combiners are distributed in the field. Up to 42 inverters (3.15 MW) are managed by one single Inverter Manager.

The high power of the inverter (75 kW) with a peak efficiency reduces the amount of inverters to be installed in the plant.

  • Maximum DC/AC-ratio up to 150 % is possible
  • Flexible planning of large PV plants in steps of 75 kW
  • Lowest OPEX (no expert electrician, simple service)

Powerful Technology Intelligent System Structure

Innovative & Modular
Smart System Setup

Innovative & Modular - Smart System Setup

Four components comprise the SMA system solution:

  • A highly efficient SUNNY HIGHPOWER PEAK1 inverter
  • Combiner boxes with an individual amount of string inputs for flexible use
  • SMA Inverter Manager for central handling
  • The LCS commissioning tool

  • I/O Box (optional)
  • Medium Voltage Station (optional)

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