SMA Data Services

New opportunities for the energy supply of the future

The energy supply of the future is digital, decentralized and renewable. SMA Energy Data Services lays the foundations for optimal integration of PV power into energy networks and markets — with reliable forecasts and up-to-date solar power projections.

Transmission grid operators benefit from an optimized ability to plan and a significantly reduced need for expensive control reserves. Energy dealers can market PV power even more efficiently and profitably.

High-resolution data ensures high-accuracy forecasts

SMA Energy Data Services offers a globally unique data network. On the successful SMA online platforms, data is collected, analyzed and archived professionally — in compliance with the highest security and data privacy standards.

  • Generation and consumption data from more than 250,000 PV systems around the world
  • Continuous transmission of operating data, PV production, battery charging, grid feed-in and purchased electricity, etc.
  • Representative and robust data quality
  • High-resolution data for high-accuracy forecasts
  • Precise data delivery with a geographical resolution down to the last ZIP code number
  • 15-minute update cycle – or faster if needed

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Better and profitable grid integration

SMA Energy Data Services ensures maximum system security when integrating PV power into the grids. These data-based services optimize the potential of transmission grid operators’ business models and significantly reduce their costs.

  • Projections and forecasts to help you plan PV power more effectively
  • Marketing of Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) power
  • Reduced need for expensive control reserves
  • Congestion management
  • Feed-in management validation
  • Energy efficiency calculation
  • Asset management

SMA Data Services

Services in collaboration with energy & meteo systems GmbH

To integrate solar energy efficiently and cost-effectively into day-to-day business, the Suncast forecasting system delivers precise and reliable online projections and solar power forecasts. All the data is processed centrally on servers operated by energy & meteo systems and forwarded to customers.

  • Global projections and forecasts for selected areas and individual PV farms
  • Reliable solar power forecasts in a time range of up to 10 days
  • Temporal resolution of between 15 minutes and 1 hour
  • Ultra-fast forecasts that update every 15 minutes
  • Electronic data transfer in all standard formats
  • Optional integration of online measurement data to optimize forecasts

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