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The new Disconnect Unit combines all safety measures into a single, compact enclosure. It is perfectly suited for all Sunny Central inverters with a plant voltage from 600 V to 1000 V currently used in North America. All switch-disconnectors are concentrated in a small space to ensure easy handling in hazardous situations, working under full load conditions and having high ampacity reserves required by the NEC 2011. The switching handles installed in the front enable the switch position to be identified at a single glance. This guarantees a secure and fast disconnection of all energy sources from the inverter in case of emergency or maintenance.


  • Full compliance with all NEC-2011 safety rules


  • Suitable for all SMA inverters used in the USA
  • Extendable to up to six circuit breakers
  • Available with or without AC switch


  • All switch-disconnectors in a single enclosure
  • Available as an accessory of a complete MV block


  • Visible switch position and fast handling in case of hazardous situation
  • Reliable disconnection, even under full load