The SMA inverters and the Mercedes-Benz energy storage system

Your benefits at a glance

Higher self-consumption

  • Optimization of self-consumption through the integration of storage systems, cost-effectively generated electricity can be consumed as required
  • Complete use of the solar power generated, even with 70/50% active power limitation
  • Likelihood of further saving potential thanks to easy visualization

Maximum flexibility

Maximum flexibility

  • For new PV systems and retrofitting existing systems
  • Can be adapted to individual requirements and rising energy demand at any time thanks to modular and expandable system structure
  • Suitable for all roof surfaces

Future proof technology

Future proof technology

  • Long service life of the battery-storage system thanks to safe lithium-ion technology
  • The comprehensive SMA Smart Home energy management system, which also increases self-consumption, can be added to it at any time
  • Seasonal adjustability of the battery and long-standing, tried-and-tested inverters for safe operation

Lower electricity costs

Lower electricity costs

  • Up to 80% savings on energy costs
  • The energy storage system can be configured to ensure actual demand is met as well as possible
  • Forecast-based charging of the Mercedes-Benz energy storage system to ensure optimum use of excess PV power

Typical application

  • Sunny Boy 3.0 Inverter

    The compact and lightweight Sunny Boy 3.0 - 5.0 inverter is particularly easy to install and wins approval thanks to its suitability for numerous module types and complicated roofs.

  • Sunny Home Manger + radio-controlled sockets

    Thanks to its advanced planning capability and automatic control of household appliances, the Sunny Home Manager ensures that the energy available is optimally geared to the household’s energy needs.

  • Sunny Island battery inverter

    The Sunny Island allows quick and efficient intermediate storage of solar power in the battery. Combined with the Sunny Home Manager, the Sunny Island takes over the intelligent control of the PV system, loads and storage systems and also regulates all energy flows.

  • Mercedes-Benz energy storage system

    The Mercedes-Benz energy storage system reliably stores excess solar power and makes it available when required. The battery wins approval thanks to its technological superiority and long service life.

  • Sunny Portal + Professional Package

    The online portal monitors, administers and presents all the data from the PV system. PV system operators save time and money and have access to essential data at all times. Access is available worldwide via the Internet—via PC or cell phone.

  • Flexible electrical appliances

    Flexible electrical appliances such as stoves, televisions or computers are not controlled by the Sunny Home Manager, but are instead activated by the user as needed. However, the Sunny Home Manager records the typical usage profile of the appliances and takes this into account during automatic controlled load management planning.

  • Controlled electrical appliances

    The Sunny Home Manager is able to automatically activate, at the most favorable time, controlled electrical appliances such as heat pumps, washing machines or charging stations for electric vehicles that are not set to a specific activation time, thus running them using inexpensive solar power.

The solution components in detail


SMA Sunny Island inverter

The battery inverter is responsible for storing excess power in the Flexible Storage System. Combined with the Sunny Home Manager, the Sunny Island intelligently manages home energy consumption. This results in a high self-consumption quota, and thus greater independence from rising electricity prices.

Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage System

The Mercedes-Benz energy storage system offers a particularly long service life with the very safe lithium-ion technology, in the usual Mercedes-Benz “Made in Germany” quality. Wall and free-standing assembly are possible. Thanks to its modular and expandable system structure, the Mercedes-Benz energy storage system is perfectly suited for private homes and can be adapted to individual needs (2.5 – 20 kWh).

Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage System

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