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What makes us different

What does financial success have to do with corporate culture? It’s simple: Without a healthy culture, a company cannot be financially successful. SMA’s corporate culture is based on collaborative corporate governance: With us, the focus is on people. We act in a fair, friendly and collaborative way and treat others with respect — whether they are coworkers, service providers or suppliers. We communicate openly and practice constructive criticism. We pursue our goals together. And we also celebrate our successes together.

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You can reach us Monday - Thursday from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. CET and on Fridays between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. CET by calling +49 561 9522 0 or via e-mail at

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Award-winning work

“Top Employer for Engineers,” “Great Place to Work,” “Lifelong Learning” special award, “German Fairness Award” — the special corporate culture at SMA creates motivation, a sense of belonging and a positive workplace atmosphere. And it has also won us many awards. We see these as acknowledgement of our work to constantly improve our company. Resting on our laurels? That’s not our style. Instead, these awards motivate us to become even better.

Work should also be fun

This is one of our Managing Board’s maxims. For this reason, we dispense with many things that would stop us from enjoying our work, such as long decision-making paths or rigid structures, bureaucracy or unnecessary regulations. Instead, we rely on a high level of trust and mutual respect. On autonomous thinking and action. We also create flexibility (e.g., with flexible working hours). Except in Production, where employees work in shifts, many employees can decide for themselves when and how they complete their tasks. Of course, problems and challenges do arise from time to time. However, we address these openly and directly and solve them together.

Work should also be fun
Individual further training

Individual further training

Especially at SMA. As the global market leader, we must continually learn in order to always be up-to-date on the latest developments as well as to further hone our technological edge. We systematically develop professional and personal training programs and support the advancement of all employees.

Additional offers

A working environment with a feel-good factor is important to us, since, as employees, most of us spend a large portion of the day at work. A working environment designed in a friendly and inviting manner is not only important for well-being, it is crucial for creativity. At SMA, even the little things are important.

A working environment with a feel-good factor

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